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Innocent Gun

This is an observation about a tool designed for one thing and that is to kill.

In the hands of the right person it can defend against someone that likely also has a gun. It is a twisted circle and while I don't want to take guns away from people, if they were never here and we still used swords and knives it would be a different world. The NRA and like minded people complain that the process should not be more difficult because it makes it hard to obtain a gun. Well, that's the point, make it hard to get a gun and the unstable will be rooted out better and in the long run that would actually help the NRA's cause. Perhaps it's time for their power to be limited and even diminished. Stand your ground laws do not help nor do angry bigoted police. Better laws, better education and better training can go a long way.

Cyborg Superman

Not exactly the DC version, this is a simple and basic story of wanting justice, exacting revenge and going too far with the power one has obtained. A vigilante out to save society decides to be judge, jury and executioner.

Hear What I Say

This is based on my travels to different parts of the world. In my twenties I had the opportunity to work on a research ship for Princeton University for part of the WOCE project. It was a project to study the chemical makeup, ocean current flow and mapping the ocean floor. I participated in three trips and found myself in ports in Sri Lanka, Fiji, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Africa and even a tiny Navy base island Diego Garcia. In these travels I've met all kinds of people and seen some extraordinary sites. In the end people are essentially the same everywhere you go despite color or culture. They all have the same basic physical and emotional needs, religion and politics aside. While you cannot escape good and bad and class hierarchies anywhere you go, it should be known that I met so many good people in spite of their circumstances.

Here We Go!

One can tie this to Innocent Gun in some respects. And respect is the word I have for any who serve our military and the police. These people have committed to protect the rest of us from criminals and terrorist attacks. Sometimes you have to bring the fight to the ones who attacked you from behind. That's what criminals and terrorists do. They stab you in the back when you're not looking because they want what you have and/or they have been brainwashed to hate what others have. The men and women that serve our country's military deserve much better than they receive when they return home. They literally were willing to sacrifice their lives for our/your freedom. That is priceless. And most police are good and deserve more respect then they are offered.

Sometimes We Fall

This was inspired by an online friend's poetry and images. It is an observation on the basic human psyche. It looks at how we want to be better than others and in that attempt go too far and become that which we abhor. We want to be treated right and in return we might look down on others, then wonder why others look down on us. In the end hopefully one has an epiphany and learns to love who they are and in turn respect and love others around them and simply engage with others as would have done to our self. Help the downtrodden and enlighten the elite. Understand that it's okay to make mistakes and fall, just learn from those situations rather than hide from them and be embarrassed.

Trance Dimensional Crossing

A flight through space and time. 

Destination Interstellar

The human race and our planet Earth require us to look to the future and truly learn to colonize the stars. We will kill ourselves and many species on our planet if we don't look to the stars. The moon and Mars are the first steps. Someday some human Martians can look in the sky and see the faint little blue dot of hope that is Earth.

The Path of Dogma

Part 1: Chant Through the Ages

The idea here is a walk through human history from prehistoric times to the present. The first instrument was likely our voice followed by bone flutes, wooden flutes, hollow limbs for buzzing sounds and hollow logs for drums. Soon someone would stretch a skin over a hollow end and the march through time continues. The voice never disappears, but new stringed instruments appear and horns with reeds and structure to pass on cultural traditional music. when cultures meet music morphs and combines for beautiful, mysterious and sometimes in a cacophony of strange sounds. Organs powered by air bellows and ululating pipes that require a bag of air to be squeezed and finally in the electric age artificial synthesis and more powerful versions of past instruments. However, in the end the song of two or a sacred chant over fire may still contain the most power.

Part 2: Veneration for the Universe

In the end, religions come and go and we are often left to clean up the aftermath for the indiscretions of its former leaders. While religion in and of itself is not a bad thing, it can turn into a mighty weapon in the hands of the selfish and self righteous. No matter what religion we may belong to, if any at all, we all have our own idea of what the great creator may be or look like. Even the most devout Christian, Jew or Muslim has some kind of image and idea in their mind that differs just a bit from their neighbor or even their brother or sister. In the end none of that should matter. The golden rule is simple and true. Do unto others as you would have done to you. Luckily the the vast majority of our population believes; be kind and in return you will be given kindness. Sure there are always exceptions, psychopaths and sociopaths, but if we all strive for tolerance, education and understanding we will all be better off. In my eyes, the universe is the great creator. It births the stars which in turn birth the worlds that we come to inhabit. We are all made of stardust and we are all one with the universe and thus all connected to one another.

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

A song by Iron Maiden. When Iron Maiden stepped into the 21st century with the album Brave New World, I was blown away. It was all Maiden and more. This song in particular struck me with its very progressive nature. Iron Maiden had something of a prog rock feel to them even in the 80s, but the 21st century has shown that they are happy to present this side as well as their shorter straight ahead power songs. The message in the song is also one that rings with me as another observation on the human psyche. As a prog and metal person I wanted to offer a tribute to this band. It is also an attempt to capture the power of guitars, strictly with keyboars and synths.



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