Hidden away in the woods of the Sourland mountains in central western New Jersey is a small but packed recording studio. I am Arthur Dorety and the main operator of the studio.

A brief overview:

The studio is a modest space and doubles as "hang out space" or "man cave". It's 25' by 14' with a 6' x 8' isolation booth taking up part of the room. This normally has a drum kit sitting in it and has a mixer so the drummer or whoever can set up their own headphone mix. Excellent in a live tracking situation. Can easily be turned into a vocal or other instrument booth.

I am using a Soundcraft SI Impact digital mixer. The recording platform is a PC with Cubase Pro. I have used Pro Tools a few times and personally my experience with both is good, but Cubase and it's plugins are much cheaper. Between the two, editing and functionality are interchangeable IMHO.

I own a number of mics (Neumann, Earthworks, Sennheiser, etc) and I own an Avalon 737 pre amp I do most of the mono tracking with. I own two drumkits and a bit more outboard processing gear. Most of my effects and processing is either built into the board or I use my UAD plugins and a lot of plugins from Steinberg. The mixer has DBX Compressors built in, Studer Gates, Lexicon effects and BSS EQ.   

I monitor with Tannoy PBM 8s and replaced the cones and tweeters in December 2016. I have a pair of EV pa speakers for loud monitoring and a basic stereo with surround and Polk speakers for normal listening.      

Currently Sourland Mountain Recording Studio is a private use only studio. I'm working with friends and family to produce some projects.

I'm hoping to open for real business in late Spring or early Summer of 2017. At that time rates and contact info will be made available. Stay tuned.

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Recording Studio