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Welcome to The Cosmic Alloy. This is something of a slightly collaborative solo project. This is my first chance as Arthur Dorety to write, sing and perform my own music from inspirations I've had through the years. That said, each player also brought their own special something to contribute, which is why I wanted these players for my music.

The music is inspired by various bands from the genres of Prog, rock, metal, pyschedelic, jazz and jam bands.

The name of the band is derived from this amalgam of varying yet associated styles. Cosmic (space) Alloy (metal)

On the right is the band assembled for this project. As things open and the pandemic hopefully wanes, live outings are a possibility. But that aside I'm happy with the work, effort and unique aspect that each person brought to this project.

Clockwise: (me) Arthur Dorety; keys, vocals, music and lyrics.

Rich Berends; drums.

Chris Dorety; bass, electric guitar, 12 string acoustic, additional lyrics and vocals for track 4 and backing vocals at the end of track 3.

Ken Lawton; electric guitar rhythm and leads.

Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Arthur Dorety

Additional recording and engineering by Chris Dorety for electric bass.

Digital Art and CD layout by Arthur Dorety.

Photo of me and Ken by me (Arthur Dorety)

Chris photo by Chris

Rich photo by Stephen Tolton

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate: Murray, Harris and Iron Maiden and performed here by Arthur Dorety and Rich Berends by permission.

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