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Notes on mixing: Though Art was the main engineer and mixer, Chris, also being familiar with the software, added his own detailed edits and arrangements on certain songs. Ultimately the CD was "produced" by the entire band with each person offering their perspective. While this does not always work among band members, this CD was extremely debate free with everyone willing to listen to each other and compromise where appropriate. We are proud and happy with the results and hope you, the listener, will be as well.

Jim Wade: Jim has been an avid lover of blues, blues rock and rock and roll all his life. His particular interests are British bluesmen, Clapton and the Stones and of course many others including; Hendrix, Kim Simmons, John Mayall, Johnny Winter, Link Wray, etc. 
That said he has a strong affinity for the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and other late 60's and early 70's  rock. Throughout the CD you're likely to hear some nods to these masters of the guitar as well as some nods to certain genre's of the early days.

Chris Dorety: Chris is multi-talented and able to sing, play keyboards, guitar, bass and percussion. He's been writing songs, recording and improvising original music since the late seventies. His special contributions were finding a different turn for a song to go instead of the same old direction. A huge interest in Prog and jazz helped to keep this CD from staying completely in the box. 

Art Dorety: Art is a keyboard player dabbling in piano and organ since 14. It would be almost 10 years later that he would start a live sound carreer in 1989 and spend better than 20 some years as a live sound engineer freelancing and for Modular Sound working with newbie's in a local club to greats in arenas. During that time gear for a home studio was bought, added, updated and so on throughout the years. He has recorded numerous people from local to semi national acts for full projects and demos.  As the primary engineer and mixer, Art got the sounds recorded and base mix all set.

Rich Berends: Rich is a drummer extraordinare. His resume is too long for this page. His past band was with his brother Bill Berends as Mastermind. Since then Rich has performed live and studio work with many musicians. His current gig is the drummer for the Grammy award winning Jimmy Sturr Band. Most importantly he has been a good friend and generous with his drumming talents since we met, way back in 1990. 

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