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The Tor and Last Exit came about by Chris' persistence on nagging Jim to come in and finally record a project. Jim had a few songs from his past; Long Ago, White Wolf and Kingdom of Sand. The rest of the music and lyrics were written between 2013 and 2014.

Jim was new the recording experience and wanted Chris and myself, Art Dorety, to participate and offer guidance. So in late 2015 the project began with White Wolf, a piece of music Jim had come up with, but had never come up with lyrics or a vocal style. Chris, being a prolific writer of songs and lyrics, quite quickly came up with an idea that looks at the world through a wolf's eyes. The initial "scratch" vocal track ended up being the final take.

After the basic completion of that song we moved on song by song until we had this final project done in January 2017. A long process, but a thorough one.

Everything was recorded at Sourland Mountain Recording Studio, the Dorety Brothers private studio, using a PC, Cubase and Wavelab software and Soundcraft SI Impact Digital mixer. Mics ranged from Neumann, Earthworks,Sennheiser, Shure and AKG.     

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